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Nichole Le Shawn Woods is a Pro. choreographer, commercial actress, dance educator, actress and model. Born in the Midwest (USA), she fell in love with  performing arts as a child. By the age of 11 she was an experienced competitive dancer & musician as well as commercial actress. After college, she set out to conquer the entertainment industry. Presently you may spot Nichole acting and dancing in several TV and online commercials such as The General, Goldmax, Samsung and many others. She has also modeled for international Hair and Beauty products placing ads at Sally Beauty Supply, in Glamour, Allure and Lucky magazines to name a few.  With 25yrs of teaching and choreography experience, her distinctive dance choreography may be seen in movie musicals, circus shows such as Cirque Du Solei, international artist, touring plays, International fashion shows, commercials, feature films, short films , international dance competitions and more.


Nichole launched her online company Start Smart 4 the Arts in the fall of 2014. The company serves as a guide for parents on how to get their child involved within Arts.  The company covers everything from, finding talent, finding that first class all the way to steps you need to take for your child to pursue this as a career.


In the fall of 2022, Nichole began Artist Aligning Dance Center, which offers extensive Mind, body & emotional training for dancers. The studio teaches Mindfulness through dance for kids, parents and adults, starting from age 4 plus. It is through this mission and vision that Artist Aligning Dance Center will create a change, a shift and elevation in consciousness and a new way of being for all artist.

Extra, extra read all about it. Nichole has now released her first book to go alongside her online program. "Yep Looks Like She's Ready, Are You?" is the parents go to source for how to mindfully and consciously support kids in the arts. This transformational book touches on six key mindfulness principals for a happy journey in the arts, as well as in life.  


Nichole’s perseverance and excitement is unparalleled and indicates her love of the arts, her willingness to support and teach others and her destiny to excel as an Entertainer, Artist & Teacher.

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